Record, Measure And Understand Your Data Better, For Improved Business Performance


Crystal-Clear Visual Representations

Visualize Your Data In Crystal-Clarity, With A Framework For Creating Insight-Rich Charts.


Mobile-App Development Framework

Native Development Framework To Build Apps That Take Advantage Of All The Latest Technologies–GPS, live feeds Camera And More.

Integration With Existing Data Assets.

Zatayu Integrates Fully With Your Existing Applications And Websites.


Your IoT application

Bring your own device and irrespective of communication protocol supported by your selected sensor or gateways you can establish bi-directional connectivity and built your domain IoT application in a self service format.


The Latest And Greatest In AI

Machine Learning Algorithms Built On Cognitive And Neural Analytics Empower Intelligent, Automated Decision making


Zatayu is a comprehensive data and analytics platform for businesses. Zatayu integrates with your existing data sources to store all of your business data centrally, for easier and more efficient management.

Zatayu also contains powerful tools for sorting and organizing your data. With powerful UI and chart features, Zatayu helps you visualize your data for crystal-clear understanding.

The better you organize your data, the better your business will operate. Data insights help you understand where resources need to be deployed, where they need to be cut, and what is and isn’t working at your organization.

Existing data tools and technology can help you understand data in specific areas of your business–accounting, IT, infrastructure, sales, and HR. But a truly centralized system helps you understand all key data sources from one place.

That’s the genius of Zatayu.

With Zatayu, you can have all the key data at your organization organized under one platform. Zatayu solutions are deployed for different industries, so you know you are getting a custom-built data solution that’s right for your business.

It’s a totally new way to look at data and analytics.

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